My birth story…

Benjy’s birth took two days… the surges started on the Thursday at midnight just after the goons (my good friends) had left.

Jon (my other half) had had four guinnesses with Tia Maria and had a hangover by 4am. Bless him!!! So after the midwife reassured us to call back when they were three mins apart he went to sleep. (and I tried too!!)

The surges went on throughout the Friday and the Saturday (waters broke Saturday morning), but the magical three minute gap never quite materialised until 8pm on the Saturday when the surges really started to feel strong & quite close together and Jon insisted that the midwife comes NOW!

The midwife appeared and said I was 9.5cm dilated!! She was amazed that I was that dilated and said that she will need to call the second midwife out straight away as I could have the baby any moment!

I got in our birthing pool and the second midwife arrived.

Things were all going really well using the Hypnobirthing “J” breath but the contractions slowed down and by midnight the midwife’s were worried as they were now 15 mins apart!

So I was transferred, in an ambulance, to St Michaels Hospital and put on a drip which made my surges regular again.

The final “push” was the bizarrist feeling in the world!!

Benjy was born at 2.56am on Sunday, 11th March 2012.

6lbs 4oz

He’s gorgeous!